Romio Hair is a 100% Black Owned company established on November 27th 2016. Our company is based in MASSACHUSETTS USA.We are one of the leading Distributors of original human hair products in United states.We serve Our customers all over the world.Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and services. We have been striving to carry the best quality products at affordable prices. For our human hairs,we supply only the grades in the market proven to be reliable.countless everyday women are wearing Romio Hair Extensions. You can view pictures and video on our social media page @Romiohair

Why Choose Romio Hair
Choose us,because we have done the work! We researched for years and have nailed down our consumers trust for quality and efficient products and services. We know the exact need you want to satisfy in Hair product. The demand is there,Ladies want good HAIRS!. So we did our homework. We’ve researched,tested,and reviewed virgin hair extensions from multiple sources for months! We are extremely confident that our hair will meet our clients wants,needs,and high expectations.

Is to assist in helping anyone looking to achieve “the look”. You know “the look” even if you don’t know the brand,texture,grade or orgin. You see it on your televisions,through your social media’s,and on celebrities. Luxurious lioness defined hair that demands your attention!

Our vision is to reach as many women as we can. We know that hair extension are no longer a luxury you indulge in once in a blue. It’s grown into a lifestyle choice,not a want but a need.A need to have as many hair options as possible. Which is why Romio Hair was created. To provide the everyday woman superb 100% virgin hair extensions. Hair that does all the talking for you.